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In the wake of the town elections, the Renew Ellicott Team wishes to express sincere thanks to the community for the support shown to our candidates. While the election did not result completely in our favor, the spirit and dedication of our voters have not gone unnoticed.


We honor the choices made by the citizens of Ellicott. We congratulate Janet Bowman, Amy Bellardo, Robert White, Katy Whitmore, and Kenneth Swan on their victories.


We deeply appreciate the encouragement and trust many residents have placed in our vision for the future of Ellicott. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Councilman Elect James Rensel and Justice Marilyn Gerace for their continued dedication to our community, and we are confident that they will continue to work hard for the residents.


As the lone board representative from the Renew Ellicott Team, James Rensel will attempt to carry the Team’s vision for an open government with digital access to public meetings and rotation of board sessions throughout our community. Public safety has been and will continue to be a paramount concern, and he will advocate for our officials to support our public safety agencies, police services, and volunteer firefighters. Our town's prosperity is crucial, and he will also urge the administration to consider an independent audit of town finances to ensure responsible management of our resources.


Thank you, once again, to every single person who cast their vote, volunteered their time, and believed in our message. Your support has been the driving force behind our campaign, and it will continue to inspire our efforts to contribute to our beloved town.

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