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Todd Beckerink for Ellicott Supervisor

Leadership Rooted in Experience, Shaped by Service:
Your Trusted Choice for Supervisor for a Safer, Smarter Town."

I am Todd Beckerink, a life-long resident of the Town of Ellicott, standing as your candidate for Town Supervisor, and I'm eager to lend my passion and dedication to this community that has shaped my existence.


At the heart of the charming town of Ellicott, where I reside with my loving wife Melodie and our three wonderful adult children at 3930 Gerry-Levant Rd, is the foundation of the life we've built and the story we continue to write.

As a devoted parent and homeowner, my vision aligns with yours: a community that mirrors the remarkable place where I've had the privilege to raise a family. With that vision comes an unwavering commitment to ensure that your voice rings loud and clear in our democratic processes, fortified by my wealth of experience in finance and community service.

Over an illustrious 19-year tenure serving the Falconer Central School Board, including a leadership role as the President for the last 13 years, I have honed my skills and amplified my service in numerous crucial areas. My responsibilities have spanned across budgeting, finance, audit, contract negotiations, and shared services committee. It was a privilege representing five townships within our vibrant district: the Town of Ellicott, Town of Carroll, Town of Gerry, Town of Poland, Town of Ellington, and the bustling Village of Falconer.

As the Board President, I have proudly contributed to maintaining stable property taxes for the past 12 years while ensuring the continuation of vital services to our district. My firm belief in open government policies and the absolute importance of listening to our community members before making decisive moves has facilitated the accomplishment of community-beneficial goals.

With your support, I look forward to contributing even more to our town's future. Together, we can write the next great chapter for the Town of Ellicott.

Falconer School Board (19 years)
Falconer School Board President (2010-2023) 
Falconer School Safety Advisor
Ellicott Police Department (retired)
Chautauqua Co. Sheriff’s Deputy (PT)
Erie County Sheriff’s (Buff. Bills Detail)
County Forensic Team (retired)
D.A.’s Office Investigator (retired)
"Preserving excellence,
stabilizing costs:
12-year record of holding the line on school taxes!"

"Capturing Moments of Leadership and Community: Todd Beckerink in Action"

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