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Daniel McNeill

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the town councilman position for the Town of Ellicott Ward 4.  


I was born and raised in the heart of Chautauqua County, just up Route 380.  Many passions in my life have brought me to this wonderful community that I hope to represent with the best of my abilities.


My wife, Kaitlin, her family, and her neighborhood in Fluvanna was my initiation into life in Ellicott.  This year we will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, a special one in a long list of wonderful memories and accomplishments together.  I truly cherish Kaitlin’s love and the relationships I have formed as a result.   

I have been blessed in my life with love and opportunities that I am motivated to work for each and every day.  By far the best decisions I have ever made have involved interacting with, working in, and now living in the Ellicott community.  In fact, since my wife and I moved in several years ago, I often refer to our home on Palm Road as “Palm Paradise”.  

I grew up as a young man surrounded by family and friends who value an honest day’s work and are enthusiastic about helping others. 

My passion for service to my community is now what has driven my desire to pay it forward and run for public office.


What should you the voter consider important this November?  Competence, plain and simple.  I would describe myself as thoughtful and considerate in every decision that I make.  As an educator, I know what it takes to be organized, to pay close attention to details, and most importantly, do what is best by others.  Leadership is demonstrated by working hard, and remaining humble to the challenges that we face. 

My career has also brought me into the Ellicott community in a few different capacities.  I am a high school social studies teacher, now ten years into the most rewarding job, in the most supportive community.  Five years ago, I was fortunate to be hired at Falconer Central School.


During my time, I have worked with the kids and parents of this community as a teacher, club advisor, and department team leader.  I have learned during my tenure that the community faces tremendous socio-economic challenges that require immediate attention.


Collaborating with others to problem solve is something that I feel I have great experience and enthusiasm for.

Another capacity related to my work with children and young adults in the Ellicott community would be my position at Chautauqua Works.  I am entering my 5th summer, 2nd as the Chautauqua County program coordinator for the Summer Youth Work Program.  This position has given me the opportunity to interact with the most vulnerable youth of our community. I  help them get and keep a summer job by providing mentoring on how to be a sound employee.  A key aspect of this work is that I have also interacted with area businesses from manufacturing to retail.  My role has allowed me to not only focus on the education of our youth, but to best prepare them for the needs that our community requires when they enter the workforce.

The best examples set, breed success.

Recent events, including the proposal to eliminate a town justice, have demonstrated a lack of competence held by our current town administration.  I have helped circulate the petition to challenge this move.  I attended every meeting to put pressure on the board to remedy the situation.  Resolution 1 was reversed, but it’s only the first step.  It is up to you, the community member, to see for yourself, but my impression of the leadership in charge is troubling.  A lack of transparency to the public, making ill-informed decisions, and seeking to fulfill political self-interest deserve a failing grade in my book.  We the people deserve better, in the form of open and honest leadership that can carry out the duties the community demands.


I invite you to be a part of a special coalition to “Renew Ellicott”.  I am a registered Independent who has been endorsed by the Democratic Party.  One of the most amazing developments in the launch of my political ambitions includes the ballot that I am proud to have joined in this effort.  The candidates endorsed by the Democratic Party include registered members of the Democrat, Independent, and Conservative Parties.  What matters most, is that for the first time in over 3 decades, voters of the Town of Ellicott have a full slate of choices, not just unopposed status quo races.  I encourage you to consider your vote not as a choice of political affiliation or ideology, but rather a choice in the confidence you have in appointing competent leadership.  With that, I hope you consider me, Daniel McNeill, to represent our home on Election Day, Tuesday November 7th.


Ward 4

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