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Beckerink for Ellicott: A New Dawn of Leadership & Safety!

After years of steadfast commitment to public service and community safety, Todd Beckerink today announces his candidacy for the esteemed position of Supervisor for the Town of Ellicott. Beckerink is no stranger to dedicated service, with an impressive career history spanning various roles and responsibilities, from public safety to education and community development.

With a record of 19 years on the Falconer School Board, and a 12-year record of holding the line on school taxes, Beckerink has continuously proven his dedication to preserving excellence and stabilizing costs in the community's education sector. Additionally, his current role as a Safety Advisor for Falconer School underscores his enduring commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our children and educators.

Beckerink's experience extends beyond the school system. His robust history in law enforcement, having served as a part-time Sheriff's Deputy in Chautauqua County, working on the Buffalo Bills detail with the Erie County Sheriff, and his previous contributions as an investigator for the D.A.’s office, and as a member of the County Forensic Team, reflects a career defined by integrity, leadership, and service.

Further motivating Beckerink's decision to run are the current board's actions, details of which can be found on this link: Concerned about the board's conduct, Beckerink highlights their improper attempts to eliminate the justice position and now the board's quiet move to disband the Ellicott Police Department in favor of a shared service model—both efforts conducted without community input. Beckerink asserts, "Leadership is rooted in experience, and shaped by service. My candidacy is the trusted choice for a safer, smarter Town of Ellicott."

Now retired from the Ellicott Police Department, Beckerink seeks to bring his unparalleled experience and leadership skills to the forefront as the next Town Supervisor. Proud of his 12-year track record of holding the line on school taxes, Beckerink emphasizes, "Preserving excellence, stabilizing costs. That's my commitment to the residents of Ellicott."

Todd Beckerink is ready to bring his vast knowledge, experience, and proven leadership to the Town of Ellicott's Supervisor position. A vote for Beckerink is a vote for a safer, smarter, more fiscally responsible Ellicott.

About Todd Beckerink:

Todd Beckerink has dedicated his life to serving his community through various roles, from law enforcement to education. He believes that good governance is rooted in experience, integrity, and dedication to the public interest. Now, he seeks to apply his wealth of experience to lead the Town of Ellicott as Supervisor.

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