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Daniel McNeill Announces Candidacy for Town of Ellicott Ward 4 Town Council

Highly respected social studies teacher and community advocate, Daniel McNeill, announces his candidacy for the Town of Ellicott Ward 4 Town Council. McNeill brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to his community to this race.

McNeill, a lifetime resident of Chautauqua County and active community member, has worked consistently to improve the lives of the Ellicott community. With his wife, Kaitlin, they have built a life together in the community they both love and are excited about the future they see for it.

"An independent voice, and a dedicated public servant who will stand up for what is right for our community," McNeill promises to bring a fresh perspective and unwavering dedication to the Council.

Currently serving as a Social Studies teacher at Falconer Central School, McNeill has been instrumental in shaping young minds. His tenure has given him a deep understanding of the community’s socio-economic challenges. Known for his collaborative approach and enthusiasm for problem-solving, McNeill has worked closely with students, parents, and fellow educators alike to create a robust and supportive educational environment.

In addition to his teaching role, McNeill is the Chautauqua County program coordinator for the Summer Youth Work Program, a position that has provided him with invaluable insights into the needs and challenges of our community’s youth and local businesses. His role allows him to help the most vulnerable youth of the community by mentoring them on how to be effective employees and preparing them for the workforce's needs.

McNeill holds a Master of Science degree in Curriculum & Instruction Inclusive Education, further enriching his understanding of the educational landscape and the needs of diverse learners.

A registered Independent endorsed by the Democratic Party, McNeill is inviting the community to join his coalition to “Renew Ellicott". He views this election as a crucial opportunity for residents to appoint competent, transparent, and community-focused leadership.

In his political biography, McNeill wrote, "I encourage you to consider your vote not as a choice of political affiliation or ideology, but rather a choice in the confidence you have in appointing competent leadership."

With an impressive track record of public service and a clear vision for the future, Daniel McNeill is poised to bring dynamic, forward-thinking leadership to the Town Council. The residents of Ellicott will have their say on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th.


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