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Gerace Confirms Candidacy for Ellicott Town Justice, Recognizing Community's Strong Support

Justice Marilyn Gerace, having devotedly served the Town of Ellicott for nearly 32 years, announces her unwavering commitment to the role of Town Justice. Recognizing the robust support from the community, Gerace reflects on her deep-rooted commitment and contributions to Ellicott and the broader judicial community.

With nearly 32 years of service, Justice Marilyn Gerace remains committed in her pursuit to serve as Town of Ellicott Justice. Proudly running unopposed on the Democratic, Conservative, and Working Families lines, her dedication to justice, integrity, and community service resonates strongly with Ellicott's diverse community.

Speaking about the recent developments, Justice Gerace said, "I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to those who showed support and thank the over 325 Ellicott residents who signed the petition against the abolishment of the Town Justice position in the Ellicott Town Court. The collective voice of our community, alongside a resounding opposition from the legal sector, prompted the Ellicott Town Board to rescind their previous resolution." She went on to emphasize the power of collective action: "Our united stance has showcased that when a community stands together and voices their convictions, it prompts those in authority to reconsider their decisions." Justice Gerace remarked, "The solidarity shown by our community and legal peers showcases the power of our collective voice. Such experiences only heighten my resolve to serve Ellicott with dedication."

Highlighted below are crucial facets of Judge Gerace's credentials:

Education and Academia: At Jamestown Community College (JCC), she is currently employed as a Dean of the Social Science and Business Division and Director of Criminal Justice and Public Safety Program.

Criminal Justice and Legal Expertise: Judge Gerace merges theoretical knowledge from her extensive education in Criminal Justice with hands-on legal experience, notably from her roles at JCC and her time as a paralegal.

Proven Town Justice: Her steadfast service to Ellicott since 1992 stands as a beacon of her dedication, fairness, and unwavering commitment to justice.

Centralized Arraignment Program Leadership: Judge Gerace's pivotal role in coordinating the centralized arraignment program for the county further showcases her dedication and leadership in supporting judicial initiatives and programs.

With the election on November 7th on the horizon, Justice Gerace is eager to continue her service to the community.

As November 7th approaches, Judge Gerace extends her gratitude and appeal to the Ellicott community: "Your unwavering support has been my cornerstone. As we move forward, I seek your continued trust and support on election day."

About Justice Marilyn Gerace

Justice Marilyn Gerace’s near 32-year commitment to the town of Ellicott embodies dedication, integrity, and an unwavering passion for justice. Running unopposed showcases both her fit for the position and the community's trust in her leadership. She remains a cornerstone in the Ellicott judicial system and a force for positive change.


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