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Renew Ellicott's Team Invited to Meet with Fluvanna’s United Neighbors Group (FUN)

Fluvanna’s United Neighbors Group (FUN) is a collective of Fluvanna residents and stakeholders working towards the holistic development and betterment of Fluvanna. Their approach combines grassroots activism with strategic planning.

The Renew Ellicott team, alongside representatives from FUN, gathered to review a comprehensive plan, with Rick Keefer presenting on FUN's behalf. This plan, focused on the Historical Society and the neighboring Town of Ellicott property, aims to develop a multi-use park and trails with no local tax dollars for project creation. The project plans, born from the creative minds of FUN volunteers and renowned architects Yaesol Lee and Hyungsuk Kang, have been designed to cater to the community's cultural, leisure, and recreational needs.

FUN voiced several key concerns:

1. Historical Overlay District: The delay by current town officials to designate Fluvanna's historic Meeting House and Park as a landmark and part of an Historical Overlay District poses certain challenges. Such a designation would not only preserve the rich history but also aid in procuring grants and initiating a comprehensive traffic solution in conjunction with the NYS DOT. The town's recognition of the Meeting House and Park as a place of historic, architectural, and cultural significance will evoke a unique sense of place while encouraging and promoting Fluvanna as a civic-oriented, pedestrian-friendly, and environmentally sustainable community for generations to come.

2. Highway Walkability, Bicycle Safety, and Traffic: The swift pace of traffic on Route 430 raises growing concerns for pedestrians and cyclists. As the number of residents using bicycles for both recreation and commuting grows, there's an urgent need for enhanced safety measures. The group seeks better safety measures and dedicated bicycle lanes and pathways, ensuring harmonious coexistence between pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers.

3. Lake Access and Public Parking: As Fluvanna continues to grow and attract visitors, the concerns surrounding lake access and public parking are intensifying.

4. Infrastructure Concerns: Notably, the bridge on Old Fluvanna has been in a state of disrepair, and there are reports that it might soon be closed. This could further impact traffic and connectivity in the area.

Supervisor candidate Beckerink stated, "I am genuinely flabbergasted that the current Town of Ellicott board wouldn't wholeheartedly embrace such a forward-thinking plan. It's imperative for our town's future and legacy. This isn't just about infrastructure or aesthetics; it's about shaping the very soul of Ellicott for generations to come."

Council Ward 2 Candidate David LaMantia added, "The concerns raised by FUN resonate deeply with the broader community vision; they aren't mere suggestions; they're calls to action. The fact that these concerns exist and remain unaddressed is a disservice to every resident of Ellicott. We must act with decisiveness and responsibility." Team members/candidates in attendance:

Todd Beckerink, Supervisor

Adrienne Swanson, Town Clerk

Marilyn Gerace, Town Judge

James Rensel, Council Ward 1

David LaMantia, Council Ward 2

Steve Cybart, Ward 3

Daniel McNeill, Ward 4

To learn more about FUN's mission and how you can volunteer and help shape the vision for the community, please call +1 (716) 804-7163 and choose option 1, or you can visit and join the group online by visiting

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