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Renew Ellicott Team Announces Formal Platform at a Special Meet and Greet

On Sunday, the 22nd, Renew Ellicott proudly released its formal platform at a Candidates Meet and Greet sponsored by the Fluvanna United Neighbors group. The platform outlines Renew Ellicott’s vision and commitment to creating a stronger, more transparent, and more connected Town of Ellicott.

"Renew Ellicott’s Team Unveils Comprehensive Platform to Strengthen the Town of Ellicott," shared a team representative. With aims to bolster public safety, advocate for transparency, foster fiscal responsibility, and champion historic preservation, Renew Ellicott is wholeheartedly committed to ushering in positive changes for the residents of Ellicott.

Among the key proposals, the team promises open government practices, including the provision of digital access to all public meetings. This move will allow residents the opportunity to view, engage in, and review past meetings, ensuring a thriving, informed community. Moreover, the team plans to rotate town board meetings throughout the community for greater accessibility.

On public safety, Renew Ellicott expressed deep concerns about potential changes to the Ellicott Town Judge position and the town's policing services. The team pledges to ensure the protection and stability of these services. Additionally, they will advocate for volunteer firefighters, emphasizing the urgency of approving the 10% tax break to recognize their invaluable service.

The platform also stresses the importance of fiscal responsibility, including an independent audit of town finances and transparent budget sharing. Renew Ellicott is equally dedicated to addressing public concerns, ensuring that every resident's voice is heard, and championing the preservation of the Fluvanna Historic District.

Renew Ellicott Team expressed gratitude for the Fluvanna United Neighbors Group Fluvanna for meticulous organization of the meeting and Fluvanna Fire Department’s generosity in providing the venue. The team did, however, express its disappointment that none of their opposition attended or provided biographies for the event.

About the Renew Ellicott Team: We've come together, driven by concerns over the town board's transparency and decision-making. Our team includes retired police, ex-firefighters, military veterans, legal professionals, and educators, representing a spectrum from Democrats to Conservatives and No Party Preference (NOP). Our mission: a transparent, thriving, and safe Ellicott for everyone!"


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