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Rensel: Experienced Public Servant & Community Leader, Proudly Announces Candidacy for Council-Ward1

Today, experienced public servant and dedicated community leader, James Rensel, proudly announces his candidacy for the Town Council of Ellicott's Ward 1. Rensel's campaign, which he describes as "A Journey of Public Service," aims to bring not only his wealth of experience, but also a fresh perspective of transparency and openness to the town council.

"I am thrilled to officially announce my candidacy for the Ellicott's Ward 1 Town Council," Rensel stated. "I'm deeply committed to our community and intend to bring greater transparency, increased safety, and stronger fiscal responsibility to our town government."

Rensel's decision to run was prompted by concerns over the current town government's lack of transparency. Rensel commented, "I firmly believe in the right of every citizen to have full access to the workings of their government. Our democracy is healthier when our citizens are informed and involved. My campaign is grounded in this principle of transparency."

Rensel's career is marked by an impressive service record that spans multiple roles in public safety and educational sectors. He's a recognized leader, currently serving as a Security Manager at UPMC and performing Chautauqua County Sheriff Court Security duties. Previously, he's been a School Safety & Security officer in Jamestown, a Behavior Intervention Coordinator at Gustavus Adolphus Learning Center, the Erie County Sheriff for Buffalo Bills Security, and a retired Lieutenant of the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Department.

Additionally, his political roles, which include his tenures as the Trustee and Mayor of the Village of Falconer and the President of the Falconer Fire Department, have prepared him well for the challenges of the town council.

Armed with a BA in Criminal Justice from SUNY Buffalo and a resolute commitment to public service, Rensel promises to foster an environment of transparency, responsibility, and progress.

"With a journey deeply rooted in service and security, and a commitment to openness and accountability, I am eager to serve the community I love," said Rensel. "Together, we can enhance safety, promote growth, and build a truly transparent government for the people of Ellicott."

For more information about James Rensel’s campaign or to show your support, visit , or follow him on

About James Rensel:

James Rensel is a seasoned public servant with over three decades of experience in security, law enforcement, and community leadership roles. He is committed to enhancing transparency and accountability in local governance. He holds a BA in Criminal Justice from SUNY Buffalo.

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